Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Need for Something More.

Well Joe and I decided that there was something missing from our blog that seems to make all other blogs more fun and exciting to view. We decided that to get people to check out our blog once in a while we needed something more, so... we decided it was time to add a new member to our family. As of May 9th (roughly) you can plan on a more exciting blog with pictures of our little baby. OK so the Blog really had nothing to do with our decision as I am sure you all can figure out, but we are expecting and really excited about it! And a bit frightened too. I am about 14 weeks along and I can't complain cause its gone really well so far. I haven't been sick at all really, just feel a little weird sometimes. I get worried sometimes because I am now responsible for the health and well being of a delicate little life, that's scary! But so far all is going well and we are just praying that all will continue to go well. So if you think about it pray for us too. Thanks!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

Well North Logan puts on this thing called the Pumpkin Walk, each year they have a theme, this year it was Hero's, and people from the community create scenes or poeple with pumpkins, gords, and squash. It is amazing what they do. Our favorite was Noah's Ark. They did an amazing job on this one. We also liked one that was a farm scene. We were amazed by the creativity of these people. So if you are ever in Logan around Halloween you've got to see this. Its awesome!