Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here's what I have been up to...

Drinking milk or water from a cup! My favorite part is spitting it all back out and watching mom try to be upset and not laugh.

One of my favorite foods is chili beans, probably because they make the biggest mess.

Yep, Pig Tails! Dad keeps bugging mom about doing something with my crazy hair so she tried pig tails. aparently she doesn't get that my screaming and moving around means I don't want them. I am not sure how to get her to understand me!


Brushing my teeth! This is my new favorite thing to do!

Pure excitiment over my new car seat! I can see so much more! I just love it! It makes me feel so grown up!
Daddys Favorites: Getting me out of my crib every morning when I wake up! And the very few times I have fallen asleep in his arms. I just prefer mom because she has long hair i can rub against my face but I am gettting better at letting dad have a chance once in a while.

Moms Favorites: Hugs after naptime, Walks and the Joy in my face when I do big kid things. Oh and how excited I get going down the slide!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am a whole year old!

Since I am cinco de mayo baby mom decided we'd have a Pinata for every birthday. This is one where you pull the strings instad of hitting it. I didn't quite get what was going on till all the candy fell out.

But my cousin Livi did and there wasn't much compatition so she went home with plenty of candy and a big smile!

I was also a little confused with the cupcake and wasn't interested in getting too messy I enjoyed a few licks of frosting. I think mom was hoping I'd just shove it all in and make a big mess. I don't understand adults every day mom gets mad when I make a mess and throw my food on the floor and then when we have a ton of guests over she wants me to make a huge mess, and just after she spent the whole day cleaning the house. I don't get here sometimes

I got some cool gifts and lots of cute outfits! I really need to spend some time with my toys and figure out how to play with them but they sure do look cool. Thanks everyone for the fun gifts and comeing to the party!
I was sure glad to have Livi there to show me how the birthday party thing works. She helped me figure out how to open my presents.

And thanks to Makae I got a head start on figuring out how these toys work. I am sure glad they came to my party.

I sure did enjoy my Birthday!

Update from Mom:

We can't believe how fast this year has gone! We are having so much fun with this little lady. She loves to play. He favorite toys are balls, she love to throw them and has quite the arm. This is pretty impressive but becomes a big problem in church! She says "Whats that" which I think is pretty cute! She pulls herself up to everything and then gets frusterated becasue she hasn't figured out how to sit back down. She'll put anything and everthing in her mouth and really seems to enjoy paper she'll eat that like a champ yet I can't seem to get her to eat real food very well. She just throws it on the floor. However she really like Grapefruit, she'll eat the whole thing! I think this is weird because I am pretty sure it is not the most popular fruit. Lets take a poll, leave a comment letting me know if you like grapefruit or not. And I don't put sugar on it so I guess the question is do you like grapefruit without sugar?