Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to Me!!

I am sure you all really want an update on my little brother but I'm running things around here so this Post is about me and my Birthday! Don't worry I'll update about the baby at the end.

I turned 3 and had a princess party. My Mom is the BEST and put a lot of work into making it extra special. She says she had a lot of fun doing it so that makes all the work okay. In the morning the Hendrix Family came over to celebrate along with 2 of my friends. Then later that evening the Dryden family came over for Taco's and cupcakes!

 Mom kept sayings she was just going to do a small birthday. But... then she got on Pinterest
She found this cute idea for princess cupcakes and I LOVED them! She was pretty proud of here work also and had to show them off to anyone and everyone that would knock on our door!

 Since my Birthday is Cinco De Mayo we have to have a pinata at each birthday. My mom didn't like any that she saw mainly because of the price so she made this one. She was pretty sure it would fall apart as soon as we hung it up, but it actually held up really well and made it through a few swings form each kid at my party. My cousin Makae broke it open!

 And then we all dove for the Candy!
I love presents!
 I got this packbag (that's what I call it. Mom calls it something different but I cant remember.) from mom and dad and it now goes with me everywhere! I love it!
 Cupcake time
 The older Girls got a little messy!
 Me and my friends just sucked the frosting off the dolls and picked at he cupcake with our fingers
 My Second party with the Dryden Family.
 This time I got messy! And Loved it!
I'd say my birthday was a lot of fun and I am very glad I was able to have so much of my family come and celebrate with me!

Ok so now you want to here about the baby. Well he is still in my mommy's tummy but he's going to come out it three days. (that is just my guess as of last night). Mom would like to go into labor on her own because she is trying to do a VBAC and that is much safer than being induced. I really have no clue what all that means but that's what she says to all the people that ask about it. So we really don't know when he'll come out but hopefully soon cause I am anxious for him to get here. I am going to be a really big help to my Mom. We are all very excited for this baby to come and mom is excited to not be so uncomfortable. Check back with us soon to see this cute little baby brother of mine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Months Left

Since its spring now and way past Christmas I guess I should update this blog. We all know mom will never get around to it!

We have 2 months left before the baby in my mommy's belly is going to come out. I wish it was sooner than that, so does mom cause she say's she's getting pretty uncomfortable. Don't tell her I said this but I think it is cause her tummy is getting really big! Everyone seems to ask what we're going to name him and my mom just say we don't know yet.

I've been keeping busy playing with my Dolls and making sure they are doing okay. I also spend lots of time playing with play-doh, coloring and painting. And I really like watching movies. I love making my Mom and Dad happy! Praying by myself makes mom and dad happy and so does being nice to my friends at nursery. They are also very happy when I eat my dinner which i don't really like to do very much. And when I go to sleep all by myself and stay in my bed all night. I get 2 stars when i do that. I love to talk a lot and make sure i call me Grandma and my Granny as often as mom will let me! Mom has been playing school with me and I am learning my letters. Right now I am learning the letter E and I learned all about the Easter Bunny yesterday. he's going to come and bring me Eggs in a basket someday. And for FHE last night I learned that I lived in Haven with Jesus and the Prophet and then came into Mommy's belly and then came out and my baby Brother was is Heaven and now he is in mommy's belly and he will come out someday. Every day I ask my mom If Granny or Grandma is coming or if we are going to their house just in case. In cause you can't tell I love my grandparent and every night when we pray I make sure to say thank you for my grandparents and if I am not praying I make sure that whoever is say's thank you for my Grandparents.

My Dad is doing good. He goes to work everyday and I am sad if I don't get to give him a hug before work. When he is not at work or how he is at Meetings. I like it when he teases me!

Mom is always home except when she goes to do stuff with her friends. She drives me nuts a lot. But I love when she is paying attention to me and cuddling with me.

Well I hope that is an okay update. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

(Pictures are not in order cause it is taking way too much effort to do that)

Teaching mom and grandma

Ice Fishing with Grandpa

With my Favorite Aunt Heather

Dressing up like a Manger at Christmas. (Or as others say it nativity scenes at Christmas)

The cutest ever Minni Mouse at Halloween

My two most favorite people ever!

Building my first snowman and playing with my friend Summer in the snow!