Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time For a New Post

I know, I know, its time for a new post and has been for a while. But I need a little help from mom to post pictures so this one will just be my personal profile cause mom is busy making stockings.

My name is Adalynn Dryden I am about 28 in long 15 some lbs, blue eyes (kind of still grey still but hopefully going blue), light brown hair, cutest little nose ever. I love sitting up and playing with my toys. I also enjoy putting anything I can in my mouth, unless it is carrots or bananas, I like sweet potatoes but my body doesn't seem to feel the same way. I had some at thanksgiving dinner and just finally got over the rash it gave me. I love it when my dad is home and just watch his every move. If you talk to me I'll smile bigger than ever. I don't like to go to sleep, I really don't like to go to sleep! and don't nap very long. I don't eat very much, I roll around every where I can. I also love my mom a ton, except when she tries to put me to sleep. If you'd like to get to know me better just visit this blog periodically as I will update it as I have time.