Friday, March 26, 2010

Pictures and Peek-a-boo

Thanks to dad we finally have a few pictures to post. The first two are from a while back but the others are from just a couple days ago.
Daddy with his sleeping beauty. Dad likes to hold me most when I am sleeping I think. Actually its probably more that I'm ok with him holding me when I am sleeping.
Here I am sporting uncle Jeffs 49ers hat. Mom calls this the little munchkin picture

In these two dad is attempting to get a picture of me with his edge products hat on so he can put it on his desk at work but I was not too excited about having that hat on my head.

Aren't I just soo smart...

and soo sweet...

And soo funny...

and soo cute!?!!!

And the question you are asking "is my hair always so crazy?" Yes it is! no matter how hard mom tries to clam it down there is always some sticking up somewhere!

And a video of me playing peek-a-boo with Daddy! I just love this game as well as clapping and waving!!
(please don't mind the mess of boxes we still have some organizing to do)