Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kitchen!!

Well we've been quite busy this summer. I'm pretty sure we've only spent 2, maybe 3 Saturdays at home this whole summer. But I'm not complaining because I got to see my grandparents a lot! After a couple of days at home I start asking mom if we are going to see grandma and grandpa. If I see her packing a bag I grab my shoes, bag and some keys and head for the door ready to visit my grandparents. The reason we spent so much time away is because My dad was building a new Kitchen for Grandma Hendrix. He had some help from his Brother and Dad and spent quite a few weekends in Preston building it and then quite a few more in Idaho Falls installing it and it turned out to be beautiful! Grandma was very happy with it. I've posted some before during and after pictures so enjoy!



Almost Done (just needs toe kicks, and trim)

If you look at the second "before" picture you will notice a window on the right of the picture which would be just next to the fruit bowls in the picture above. That window was knocked out and french doors are now there leading into the sun room that my parents expanded. So the next two pictures show the sun room.

A before and after right by each other

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Pooped!!

"I pooped!"
"Do it myself."
"Shut the door."
"I want to flush it."

Mommy calls it potty trained. I get to wear princess underwear all day unless its nap-time or bed-time. Or unless Daddy is taking me somewhere, he's still a bit nervous about the idea.

insert from mom- just at this moment I was thinking I should get a picture of adalynn on the potty to post on here. So I ask Adalynn if she need to go potty? She says "I do it myself." so I thought I'll just wait till she's sitting on the potty then go in and snap a picture. I'm watching as she goes in shuts the door, and few seconds later she opens the door trows her panties and pants out onto the floor shuts the door again the then i hear her lock it. So much for a picture of her in the potty. A few seconds later I hear the toilet flush and a struggle with the door knob and then "Mom I want out." She cracks me up! not sure why she has to throw her pants into the hall but it sure was funny.