Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well I'm 2 years old today. HappyBirthday to me! I am sure you all are wondering what I am up to now that I am 2 so let me tell you.

I lub my Grandma and Grandpa and I lub my Granny and Grandpa and I make sure to tell mom this every day.

I love to sing "ring around the rosey," Once there was a snowman," "If you're happy and you know it," and I love to see the temple."

My Favorite Movie is "Jessie Andy Woody Buz" I also like Tangled.

I really like going to the park and going on walks which means that I am sick of it raining all of the time because then mom won't take me outside.

I love to eat cereal in the mornings

I love to color.

My Favorite color was yellow but I am starting to really like purple.

I am pretty adamant that I get to pick out me own clothes and I usually pick a Skirt, sometimes 2 and sometimes a skirt and pants. But today I wanted pants.

I'll post a bunch of pictures so you can see all the fun things I got to do today for my Birthday!

The outfit I picked out for today. Really I didn't want to wear anything but mom told me I couldn't go to the store untill I put some clothes on.


just haning out on the grass watching the cars drive by.

I love to slide and love even more to swing but there wasn't a swing at this park.

Didn't my Mom do such a good job on my cake! I loved it!

Opening presents with Granny and Grandpa. I was so so so glad they came to celebrate my birthday with me.

Loved this gift!

Mr. Potatoe Head

Mrs. Potatoe Head

Wow what a fun birthday I had! And its kinda not even over cause on Saturday my BFF Summer and I are having a birthday party together with all of our friends (she turns 2 in just over a week). We are having an Elmo party at the park complete with a pinata and all! Its going to be some much fun! As long as it doesn't snow or rain.