Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time For a New Post

I know, I know, its time for a new post and has been for a while. But I need a little help from mom to post pictures so this one will just be my personal profile cause mom is busy making stockings.

My name is Adalynn Dryden I am about 28 in long 15 some lbs, blue eyes (kind of still grey still but hopefully going blue), light brown hair, cutest little nose ever. I love sitting up and playing with my toys. I also enjoy putting anything I can in my mouth, unless it is carrots or bananas, I like sweet potatoes but my body doesn't seem to feel the same way. I had some at thanksgiving dinner and just finally got over the rash it gave me. I love it when my dad is home and just watch his every move. If you talk to me I'll smile bigger than ever. I don't like to go to sleep, I really don't like to go to sleep! and don't nap very long. I don't eat very much, I roll around every where I can. I also love my mom a ton, except when she tries to put me to sleep. If you'd like to get to know me better just visit this blog periodically as I will update it as I have time.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

6 Months

I am now 6 months old as of Thursday. My mom and dad can't believe I've been around that long. I went to the Doctor yesterday and he said I am doing well. I weighed in at 14.13 lbs which is in the 20th percentile and my length was 26in which is in the 60th percentile so I guess I'm not a very big baby. Dad was nervous cause I had to get shots Its a good thing he didn't go with me because he would have cried more than I did. I decided to be strong for him even though he wasn't there so Ionly shed a few tears. I really am growing up, I sit up really well with some help and do alright for a little bit without help. I can roll to my stomach just fine but I don't enjoy that position much and haven't quite got the hang of rolling back over. My dad is pretty good at making me laugh, I laugh most when I am really tired. I love my dad and watching him. I hate going to sleep even when I'm real tired but mom seems to hate when I'm awake and real tired so she tries to rocks me to sleep and I put up a good fight but she usually wins. I demand a lot of attention and stress my mom out sometimes but I'm pretty sure she still thinks I'm the cutest thing in the world! I'm pretty sure I have the best mommy and daddy in the World!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hunting and Halloween

Dad went Deer/Elk hunting just over 3 weeks ago with Grandpa Hendrix and Uncle Jeff and this is what he came back with, and boy is he proud. Not proud enough however because he is already making plans to go out next year and get and even bigger one. Mom says he is not allowed to shoot another one until they can afford to pay some one to cut it up because she did not enjoy doing that with this deer. The whole story of dad getting the deer is quite the long story so you'll have to talk to him if you what more details.

I am watching the trailer to the movie UP and just loving it! My dad discovered my love for this trailer a while ago and if I scream just loud enough and long enough and don't stop despite all of their efforts they will sit me in front of the computer and play the UP trailer for me and of course I calm right down. Since I like the trailer so much, while dad was hunting Mom, Grandma Hendrix and Aunt Julie took me to the theater to watch the movie UP. I really enjoyed it, I got tired and took a little nap but woke up to see the end.

This is a really excited me. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!

My First Halloween. Mom dressed me up as her little lamb. She made the costume herself and is so proud with how it turned out.

We trick or treated Granny and Grandpa Dryden's but that was the extent of our trick or treating adventures.

We also went to the ward Halloween party and everyone thought I was so cute. That made mom even more proud I think.

At the party dad took me fishing, so this is a picture of my first fishing adventure with dad. I caught a ring. Then we went through the spook ally which was more scary for mom than me.

Here we have a picture of my cousin Shayli that mom wanted me to post just because she is so cute.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Yes we're still alive

watching conference with dad
Don't I looks so cute

Just after mom put me through the torture of the baby contest. Nope I didn't win. I know we were all shocked.

Another outdoor adventure

Do we really have to go on another hike? I just want to go home.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Spectacular Years Together!

It's my Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary today. They are so happy together! I think they've really ejoyed that last two years but I am pretty sure they would say that the last 4 months have been the best part! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cabin Fever

I think my parents have decided that they have to take me everywhere they can possibly think of in my first six months of life. So far I've done pretty good with the traveling but if they don't narrow it down a bit I might have to start complaining. A few weeks ago we went to our Great-Grandpa Hendrix's cabin at Twin Lakes in California. It was really beautiful up they. I got lugged around in that dang carrier thing, thank goodness my dad came up with the idea of letting me face out cause it gets pretty boring when all I can see is the shirt my face is smashed into.

Dad, uncle Jeff and cousin Brice hicked to a mountain like one day to go fishing. It looks like it was a beautiful hike and lake.

One Week Old

My mom is not very good at keeping this blog up to date so I am taking over. They take picture after picture after picture of me and I am going to make sure they don't go to waste. Now I can't promise that I'll do much better than mom cause my fingers and hands don't work so good right now but I'll at least try.
These pictures were taken of me when I was just a week old by Mom's cousin Amy. They look good now but I wasn't so optomistic sitting out in the weeds with the cool breeze while they took pictures.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adalynn's first camping adventure

Adalynn stuffed in a Joe's Backpack. We were trying to see if this would work or if we needed to go buy a baby carrier.

She's just hanging out in her bouncy waiting for us to be ready to go

We went with the baby carrier. The back pack was too risky. In my hand I have one of those off clip-on repellent things, did not work at all but neither did the regular spry stuff with these mosquitoes they were so bad, I've never seen that many mosquitoes in my life and nothing could get rid of them.

To keep them off of Adalynn we wrapped a blanket around her and the a bunch of tulle. It worked pretty good.

Joe thought he'd try it out too.

All bundled up for bed

hanging out in the tent away from all the crazy mosquitoes

Here we have Joe with just one of his brothers we didn't get the whole crew. We had lots of fun camping with all of Joe's family. The Brothers did some Mountain biking and I joined in a little too... I rode the bike when we were going down hill and hoped in the car when we were going up hill.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I need your addresses

I have decided I need to put together an address book / phone number book so if you could get me your address and number that would be great! If you are like me and think it is a little risky to leave it as a comment you can e-mail it to me at Thanks!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adalynn's Blessing

Adalynn was blessed June 7th. She wore the same dress that I was blessed in which I thought was kind of special. We also had lots of Family come for the blessing which made it even more special! Thank you everyone who came!
With the trip to Nevada and the blessing we were able to get 4 generation pictures with all of our grandparents that are still living.
Adalynn With Grandma and Grandpa Hendrix

Adalynn With Grandma and Grandpa Workman
(I think we need to redo this one cause Adalynn almost isn't even in the picture)

Adalynn With Granny and Grandpa Jones

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adalynn's Firsts

First Walk

First Family Home Evening

First Bath

First Road Trip (to weddings in Oakland and Reno as well as some exploring in San Fransico)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Announcing Adalynn Dryden's Arrival

Born at 7:17 am on 5/5/09 she's our cinco de mayo baby so we get to look forward to yearly fiesta's!

She weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 19in long.
We had an exciting time getting her here. About 1:00 am Tuesday I started to bleed really bad and a lot. My thought was I don't know what is going on but this doesn't look good. So we headed to the hospital to get things checked out. The bleeding seemed under control and I was dilated to a 4 so the Doctor decided to just start me and get the baby here. I was a bit nervous but ready for the baby to come at the same time. A few hours later some small contractions had started so I was to the point of being uncomfortable but not in a ton of pain, but then I started hemorrhaging pretty bad so the Doctor decided we'd better get the baby out so we could stop the bleeding. Losing that much blood had worried me but when he said we had to do an emergency c-section I just wanted to burst into tears. I really didn't was to have a c-section it just sounded scary. But I knew there was not much option at this point so I decided I better get myself under control and not make things worse. The nurses were great as was the anaesthesiologist, they really helped make me feel comfortable and safe, in the very scary and rushed situation. The anaesthesiologist did a spinal block that numbed me from the chest down, and then they wheeled me into the surgery room. Joe put scrubs on and and was able to be right beside me the whole time. There was a sheet blocking my view of them cutting me open thank goodness but I can't express the joy in hearing her cry and then the excitement of seeing her beautiful face, I noticed right away the small dimple in her chin which comes from my dad. I couldn't help but cry a bit in the excitement of it all. She was so perfect and beautiful and thus far I hadn't had to go through much pain to get her here just some fear and a ton of blood loss, between 1500 and 2000 cc's or about 8 or more cups of blood. I spent the next couple of days in the hospital recovering and enjoying the yummy food and them sticking me with needles I was so glad to get out of there last night. We learned that the cord was pretty tight around her neck a couple of times and under her arm so the Doctor said had things worked out for her to come vaginally we most likely would have run into problems and had to do a c-section anyways so we were so so blessed that things worked out the way they did the worst part of the whole thing was staying in the hospital so long and these dang staples in my tummy, oh and choosing a name for her. But I have to give the credit of the blessing to Joe because all of my complaining the week before and being frustrated with pregnancy and the lack of faith I was having didn't deserve much, So it was all thanks to Joe's patience with me and his faith in the Lord that we were able to be so blessed. And we are now home and loving life with our sweet little Adalynn.