Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally a New Post!!

Man this whole keeping up with the blog isn't as easy as I thought it would be!
Well its starting to get cold we froze all of our garden, (which I am not to sad about cause I was getting pretty sick of garden food) and today it snowed. This colder weather makes me sad to see the summer go. Joe And I had a lot of fun this summer, Here are a few of the things we did.

Joe Took my family down the Salmon River in June when it we pretty high.

We really had a Lot of Fun even though we lost my Mom and Scott at the end of this rapid.

In July we went camping with my Cousin Laurie and her Husband Bryce in Jackson Hole. We took a scenic float down the Snake River with the company Joe use to work for. It was quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Just a Picture of the Tetons the Joe took on the River

Also In July Joe and I Graduated with our bachelors from Brigham Young University Idaho. I finished my degree in University Studies in April and we Moved to Preston Were Joe Did his internship to finish up his degree in Applied Management, and we were able to "walk" in July. It is nice to be done with school but sad to be away from friends and life in Rexburg.

Another Day of Whitewater Rafting in August down the Snake River with Elaine and her kids. We really had too much fun on this one.

Here we've got Garrett pulling Miles back into the raft.

Also In August we had to opportunity to go to my brother Scotts wedding in the Salt Lake Temple and the the next week to My cousin Cody's in the Reno Temple. In was so sweet to see them both sealed in the temple! Sadly we don't have any pictures. I was able to do the flowers for Scotts wedding and they turned out really beautiful!

August 31st we celebrated our 1 year anniversary together and went to Salt Lake to do a session there and then out to dinner, It was a really nice day. Then my brother told us about this really good door buster sale for Labor day and we had him get us these couches. So we finally bought couches after a year of borrowing. We love having couches!

September kept us busy working. Joe is building cabinets With his dad and they are a little behind on there work so Joe has been working hard there. As for me homecoming and, sadly, people passing away kept us extremely busy at the flower shop where I am working.

This Past week Joe's brother Charles got married in the Bountiful Temple.
We had fun being a part of that.

That day at the Temple was a nice day but it didn't take long for it to turn cold and now we are sitting in our little apartment with the heater cranked up sad to see those nice summer days full of rafting and weddings gone for the next 8 months.


michael and linds said...

Ooh I love this! I love being updated on your life! I was actually thinking the other day...Lisa has been married for over a year now! That is so crazy to me! Time flies like no other, huh. How in the world did you find my blog?? I am so excited! We are doing great- Michael is in his last year of school- he'll be done in April. He's accepted a job in Alaska, so we'll move back in May! So if you're in Utah in the next few months, I HAVE to see you. It might be our last chance for a long time!!

Scott and Heather said...

what an awesome summer!