Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its a Girl!

Our most recent Ultra-sound revealed to us that we will be having a baby girl come May. She will be the first grandchild on Joe's side and the 7th Granddaughter on my side. My family was hoping for the first grandson but we are all pretty excited for another girl. The radiologist said that if its a boy he's gonna have some problems. He also said that everything looks good and that she is growing and developing properly which is so nice to hear. We are really getting excited! I can recognize now when I feel her kicking which is pretty cool and Joe is just getting anxious for when he can feel her kick also. My Christmas present to me was going and buying an outfit for our little girl. There are way too many cute baby clothes out there, but here is the one I picked out.

I've had people bugging me about posting a picture of me looking all prego. I really have no desire to take a picture of me standing there with my belly looking all big and fat. I don't know why maybe just cause I think I look fat not pregnant. So here is a family picture we took the Saturday after Christmas and it has a pretty good shot of my belly. That's as good as its going to get for now and maybe when I look more pregnant and not just fat I'll post a belly shot. But we'll have to see cause that is just awkward. While I'm at it I'll just post some pics. of the awesome Christmas we celebrated with my family. We had such a blast this year with everyone home!

Just before we went upstairs to see if Santa actually came.

Our cute nieces playing with their gifts.

My Dad and Mom are going to Hawaii in January. My Dad decided to model some of his presents... and dance in the snow. We were all laughing so had! This made Christmas for all of us I think.

The ginger bread house we all spent hours working on. We had a blast getting creative with this.


Stringham Family said...

You look so cute! You don't look fat at all, but I can totally understand not wanting to post a belly shot, it is kinda akward. Yeah and Congrats on having a GIRL!!! That is so exciting! I love my little girl like crazy and wouldn't trade her for a boy for anything! It sounds like you had an awesome Christmas! That pic of your Dad cracks me up! Good luck with the rest of your Pregnancy! I hope all continues to go well for you!

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

Fun pictures! I am really impressed with the gingerbread house! :o) I am guessing that's a swimming pool in back? :o) Oh maybe a tramp....anyway it was cute. Congrats on the little girl coming soon! I think you and Joe will be such great parents! And you look really cute pregnant just for the record. I hope life is great! Happy New Year!

Dream come true said...

That profile pic is adorable. Congratulations I am soooo excited its a girl so tatum can have a little friend:)

Lindsay said...

Ummm...Lisa. You look so cute. It is so crazy to see you pregnant! Ohmygosh, I am so excited for you. And your dad is hilarious.

My choice for baby name- Agnieszka. HAHA!

Kassi said...

So I'm a little late because I just discovered that you have a blog, but congrats on the girl!!! We too are having a girl any day and I agree that there are way too many cute girl clothes out there!!! I'm so excited I found your blog, now I can see pics of the cutie when she comes!

David said...

Hey, Congratulations. A little late, but better late than never. A little girl, how fun. Joe and Lisa you will be great parents. Enjoy every moment, they go by so quickly.

abenlinz said...

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