Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adalynn's first camping adventure

Adalynn stuffed in a Joe's Backpack. We were trying to see if this would work or if we needed to go buy a baby carrier.

She's just hanging out in her bouncy waiting for us to be ready to go

We went with the baby carrier. The back pack was too risky. In my hand I have one of those off clip-on repellent things, did not work at all but neither did the regular spry stuff with these mosquitoes they were so bad, I've never seen that many mosquitoes in my life and nothing could get rid of them.

To keep them off of Adalynn we wrapped a blanket around her and the a bunch of tulle. It worked pretty good.

Joe thought he'd try it out too.

All bundled up for bed

hanging out in the tent away from all the crazy mosquitoes

Here we have Joe with just one of his brothers we didn't get the whole crew. We had lots of fun camping with all of Joe's family. The Brothers did some Mountain biking and I joined in a little too... I rode the bike when we were going down hill and hoped in the car when we were going up hill.


Marilyn said...

That tulle was a fantastic idea! You guys are brilliant! And I LOVE your new header pic...she's so cute!!!

Heather said...

An adventure! Looks like a lot of fun. I agree the header picture on your blog is SO CUTE

SJ said...

Lisa, Hi! Good to hear from you. Your baby is precious, also. I LOVE your blog header pic. We live in Highland, UT my husband is going to U of U. Where are you guys? I think I remember you being up near Ogden last I heard?? Stacey

kelsey j said...

Adalynn is so cute. I love the picture at the top of her under the tree in her blanket! So precious!