Saturday, November 7, 2009

6 Months

I am now 6 months old as of Thursday. My mom and dad can't believe I've been around that long. I went to the Doctor yesterday and he said I am doing well. I weighed in at 14.13 lbs which is in the 20th percentile and my length was 26in which is in the 60th percentile so I guess I'm not a very big baby. Dad was nervous cause I had to get shots Its a good thing he didn't go with me because he would have cried more than I did. I decided to be strong for him even though he wasn't there so Ionly shed a few tears. I really am growing up, I sit up really well with some help and do alright for a little bit without help. I can roll to my stomach just fine but I don't enjoy that position much and haven't quite got the hang of rolling back over. My dad is pretty good at making me laugh, I laugh most when I am really tired. I love my dad and watching him. I hate going to sleep even when I'm real tired but mom seems to hate when I'm awake and real tired so she tries to rocks me to sleep and I put up a good fight but she usually wins. I demand a lot of attention and stress my mom out sometimes but I'm pretty sure she still thinks I'm the cutest thing in the world! I'm pretty sure I have the best mommy and daddy in the World!


Marilyn said...

SO CUTE! I LOVED that outfit (Scott and Heather bought Claire one just like it). I was so sad when she grew out of it. :(

Angela said...

I cannot believe she is already 6 months!!

Lindsay said...

Six months, wowza!! And she does have the best parents!!