Monday, November 2, 2009

Hunting and Halloween

Dad went Deer/Elk hunting just over 3 weeks ago with Grandpa Hendrix and Uncle Jeff and this is what he came back with, and boy is he proud. Not proud enough however because he is already making plans to go out next year and get and even bigger one. Mom says he is not allowed to shoot another one until they can afford to pay some one to cut it up because she did not enjoy doing that with this deer. The whole story of dad getting the deer is quite the long story so you'll have to talk to him if you what more details.

I am watching the trailer to the movie UP and just loving it! My dad discovered my love for this trailer a while ago and if I scream just loud enough and long enough and don't stop despite all of their efforts they will sit me in front of the computer and play the UP trailer for me and of course I calm right down. Since I like the trailer so much, while dad was hunting Mom, Grandma Hendrix and Aunt Julie took me to the theater to watch the movie UP. I really enjoyed it, I got tired and took a little nap but woke up to see the end.

This is a really excited me. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!

My First Halloween. Mom dressed me up as her little lamb. She made the costume herself and is so proud with how it turned out.

We trick or treated Granny and Grandpa Dryden's but that was the extent of our trick or treating adventures.

We also went to the ward Halloween party and everyone thought I was so cute. That made mom even more proud I think.

At the party dad took me fishing, so this is a picture of my first fishing adventure with dad. I caught a ring. Then we went through the spook ally which was more scary for mom than me.

Here we have a picture of my cousin Shayli that mom wanted me to post just because she is so cute.


Heather said...

Lisa her costume is awesome!!!

Angela said...

You did a great job on her costume! She is getting so big!! You need to come for a visit sometime!

Lindsay said...

Holy moly, her costume is so perfect! Look at you go! She is getting cuter and cuter- I love seeing your blog!

Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

oh my! adalynn is getting so big, i can't believe it!! we miss you guys! hope your doing great

Kari said...

Adalyn is so cute watching the Up trailer! She's cute anyways, really.

Kelly Nielson said...

Dave says he is jealous of Joe going hunting! We love the picture of Adalyn in the grass. Take care, Kelly and Dave