Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer 2010 so far

Warning!!! Tons of pictures and fun!

Rafting the Snake River!!

Mom and Dad spent all day saturday rafting the river while I played with Gma Hendrix and aunt Julie I had a blast and so did Mom and Dad! They did two trips, one in the morning with some of Mom's family (she forgot to take pictures), and one in the afternoon with some of Dad's family.

Daddy she loves the river and guiding people down it especially family! And from what I hear he's pretty good at it too!

They did some cliff jumping along the way too. Here is Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Charles getting ready to jump!

Dad doing a flip. Doesn't he know that that is not safe!? At least he didn't face plant this one.
The Brothers! (minus a couple) I get my hair from my Dad is you can't tell.

Some guy that I don't really know but mom says his name is Caleb (sp?) and he's Uncle Charles Brother-in-law.
Alex and Jori (More people I don't know but mom says Alex is one of dads good friends) Aunt Bethann and my amazing and wonderful and beautiful and cool mom!

Uncle Charles, Aunt Jadee, Uncle Jimmy, And Aunt Heidi

Dryden Family Campout

Alturs near Red Fish Lake in Central Idaho

The Brothers attempting flips off the Dock!

Amazing sand castle designed by James, Heidi, Charles and Dad (Just after takeing these pictures we all went to a near by fire pit for lunch and a little kid came along and jumped on it! were glad ws go some pictures!)
I enjoyed my box!
I did not enjoy the Kayak
Probably becasue of this stupid yellow thing they made me where while I was in the Kayak!
I did enjoy the sand!
And I Loved the water!
And chillin with Granny and my new cousin who is already almost as big as me! I'm just gald to finally have a cousin on the Dryden side!
Mom and Dad enjoying their shish kabobs! I just got Mac and Cheese, does that seem a little unfair to anyone else?
everyone seems to think it is so funny when I make this face! So I do it whenever I'm in need of a laugh!

Girls Camp 2010

Mom left me for 3 days to go to girls camp. She's never left me for that long and was kind of nervous to do it but I think she had so much fun that she didn't have time to worry too much.

The beautiful place where they camped
They hiked to a mine and found this lovely home

the funnest (I know thats not a word but it just sounds better "that most fun" in this context and you still get what I am saying) game mom says that she has ever played!

Mom loved girls camp and all of the new friends she was able to make there! And I had fun plaing with Aunt Bethann, I'm so glad she was willing to take care of me!


Jill and Travis said...

Those Dryden boys are CRAZY! Doing flips all the time. I can remember going swimming with them, and they would jump off the high diving board and flip until they hit the water! NUTS! Anyway, it looks like your summer thus far has been so fun. I wish we could have made it to Alturas this year--lucky! (And I love the new picture at the top!)

Lindsay said...

Woohoo! Great update, Lis! You're so cute.