Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where will he go?


Uncle Jeff is going on a mission, the papers are in and the waiting has begun! So we need your guess as to where he is going to go!

Mom says her guess is Poland but only becasue that is where she went and so she thinks that would be cool. Except she doesn't wish learning that language upon anyone!

My Guess is Spain

Dad says Louisiana

Leave a comment letting us know where you think he'll go...


Marilyn said... your pics have been done for about a week but I can't find your address anywhere. Will you please email me your mailing addy? :) Thanks!!!

Heather said...

Hmmm...I'll say state-side. How about, Oregon!

Scott said...

well geeez...I think he'll be great anywhere, but my final guess would be Chile. Like his big bro Brad.

Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

Oh my, I can't wait for him!!! I say.... Alberta (he would love the people, they're the best), he would be great there!

Derek and Tristin Johnson said...

I'm going to guess somewhere in South Argentina.

kelsey j said...

My hubby went to Louisiana and he loved it. I will agree with your dad! GO LOUISIANA!