Thursday, January 6, 2011

catching up!

Off to Find the perfect Christmas Tree... At Smiths food and drug! My enjoyed this so much more than searching for hours in the Mountains for the perfect Charlie Brown christmas tree. We were in and out and the tree was beautiful!

Yep that's me hugging our beautiful Christmas Tree!

Umm... Yeah... not sure who the guy in the red is but mom and dad seemed to think it would be funny to put me on his lap.

I did NOT think is was very funny!

The day after thanksgiving the Dryden family went into the mountains looking for christmas trees. We just played. I had a lot of fun sliding down the hill with dad!
I think Mom and Dad were glad they just got one form the grocery store.
What girl doesn't love to dress Up!!

Dad was happy to get in some good fall Hunting trips
Chucker hunting in Nevada with Grandpa Hendrix and Moms Brothers

Pheasant Hunting with some friend near Preston.

Me keeping mom entertained while daddy was out hunting.

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Lindsay said...

What the heck is a chucker?! Cute pictures!