Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Date!

My Friend Marcie gave us an extra ticket they had to Disney on Ice so I took Dad on a date. We had a lot of fun!

And I even go to sit be Marcie and watch the show!
I am a huge fan of Mickey Mouse so I thought is was really neat to see him!

Just waiting for Daddy to get ready for our date.

And here are some pictures I thought I'd share with you just for fun!
Like I said earlier, I am a huge fan of Mickey! The books in my hand are my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books. To say I love them would be an understatement! They go everywhere I go even bedtime and nap time as you can see. Who needs a blanky or stuffed animal when you have these books. If you see me somewhere, anywhere most likely I'll have a book in my hand. I love books even more than Mickey Mouse!

Just hanging out one morning. I say morning cause I'm in my jabbies (jammies is how mom says it) but that's not necessarily true cause sometimes I'm in my jabbies till after my afternoon nape so who knows what time of day it actually is when this picture was taken.

Just enjoying this cookie that is bigger than my face! It was kind of messy and I don't really like being messy and sticky.

So in January mom left me with dad for a long weekend and went down to Las Vegas to meet up with some friend that she met her first year at college. She seemed to have had a blast. She said they spent lots of time talking and laughing and crying and laughing and talking and crying. It was almost too much fun she says. They are planning to do it again in two years in Washington where they all met!

Karaoke Mom was a woose and just watched and laughed, really hard cause these girls are hilarious!

Did I mention that she had way too much fun without me and Dad!

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Lindsay said...

SO CUTE! Reine takes her books to bed too. Haha- they would be great friends!